30 day blogging challenge. Inspired by Maria.

Day 5…. Five current goals!!!

1. Finish my degree this year, hopefully with distinctions 👐, yeah, I know it took long but I am a girl with dreams. You don’t give up because of a detour.

2. Grow the business. Did I tell that I wanted to go into freelance IT Consulting?!

3. Work on the daily squats! Yoh, I like forget to do my squats everyday.

4. Read my Bible daily. Yes I speak to God, listen to sermons and ready daily verses. But taking the bible and reading it has always been a challenge. I’d do it today and then forget tomorrow. I think I am forgetful… Wasn’t always like this though.

5. Get my act together.
Goals are actually good for self discipline and commitment. If you can commit to doing something small, you’ll never have to worry about procrastination or time management. Try it. It works!

30 day blogging challenge. Inspired by Maria.

Day 7… 5 favourite songs.

I actually like anything that speaks to me. Like, songs that see through me. That define my situation. Songs that touch the heart… Deeeeep!!! 😉


1. Who you are by Jessie J

2. Castle made of sand by Kelly Rowland

3. Side to side by Ariana Grande

4. Any Hillsongs worship songs

5. Maintain by Gazza

What’s yours??? ☺

30 day blogging challenge. Inspired by Maria.

Day 6…. What am I afraid of?!!!

I used to be afraid of not being likable, not having cool friends, not being one of the crowd, etc. Well you know the popular high school group, the well known or so. I used to be afraid of not being people’s “likable” person. Oh well, I grew out of it… 

Now… This lioness is afraid of failure… I can’t have come this far in life just to fail… Uh-uh, oh no. Failure is not an option.

So, for ya’ll out there…. Push for success.

30 day blogging challenge. Inspired by Maria.

Day 5… Proudest moment!!!

Almost there. This will happen the day I am ready to define success. 

You should know that everyone has their own definitions of success. Everybody reaches their level of success. Mine is just to high I might have to die first 😂😂😂

But really, proudest moment… Niy there yet, will let ya’ll know when I get there.

30 day blogging challenge. Inspired by Maria.

Day 3…. Favourite quote!!!

Self confidence is the best outfit anyone can ever put. How many of us sit and wish we did things different or said something? When you don’t have self confidence is like being locked up in shell, you know when you want to say something but it’s like you are tied up or something. Fake it til you make it! Look like you know til you know. Just get out there and show yourself. So ja, that’s what keeps me going.

30 Day Blogging Challenge. Inspired by Maria.

Day 2… 20 facts about me!!!

1. Full name is Ester Ndinelao Hashipala

2. I am 23 years old.

3. I am very close with my mother. Like we can talk on the phone 5 times a day.

4. Close friendships don’t apply to me anymore.

5. My dating standards are so high they could reach the clouds 😂

6. I am a computer fanatic.

7. When I care, I care for real! I will move mountains.

8. I was born in a small town called Grootfontein. Situated in Namibia.

9. I am “newly” attracted to white guys 😐

10. I love my younger brother to the moon and back.

11. Upcoming IT Consultant. Hi-5 to business women.

12. I am a believer, I love Jesus!

13. I love watches and perfumes.

14. I really love singing although I cannot sing 😞

15. I love watching Nikita over and over again.

16. I was recently told that a guy was not so sure he made the right choice by becoming my friend. I am yet to find out what he meant by that.

17. I go to church whenever I can. But I have a good relationship with God.

18. I think all men who don’t take care for their kids are cowards.

19. I am starting to love shorts 🙈

20. And yes… I am a motivator.

Do they really qualify to be called best friends??!

Is it only couple relationshipa that are able to break our hearts?? Okay here is my very short story 😂… I am almost 24 years old and I have never been in love. I have never had my heart broken by a guy. I think my standards are too high, that’s why I have never really  dated. And oh, that is okay because I am a Queen… Oh well that’s a story for another day. Today… I would like to talk about friendship. We have all kinds of friends… The hi-byes, the hanging crew, the help friends, the classmates, the colleagues, close friends, best friends, etc,. And the list goes on. But the most important always is the close and brstfriend. How is the relationship between you and your bff? Are you in a relationship alone or is it reciprocal?! We find people we really love, yeah that kinda natural love. And, you’d move mountains for them but they’d never do the same for you. I mean if your so-called bff wouldn’t help you in your time of need when they really could, or just check up on you to see if you okay, or just ask how the interview went then I think you are in a wrong relationship. This may be mushy, or whatsoever, but I feel like if someone I consider close does not put me on their social media page, does not text to check up on me once in a while, tells other people about things I am supposed to know instead of me, then, it’s just not real. I have come to a point in my life where if I have to be alone to prove a point, then I will.I am at a point in my life where if you want to come in my life, come! If you want to go, go! Just don’t stand in the doorway coz you are blocking my view. What I am saying is… Take charge of your life, stop being vulnerable And stand your ground. Don’t let people walk all over you because they can. You have got you to take care of you… Do it well!!

30 day blogging challenge. Inspired by Maria.

Day 1…. My Blog!!!!

Well, my blog’s name is “making it in the 21st century”. It is designed to inspire, motivate and help those who feel less about themselves. I myself have gone through a lot, the unimaginable. So, I feel like if I can help someone go through this and come out on the other side all good, then why the heck not???! I believe living in the 21st century is not as easy as the past, things have gotten hard and holding yourself together is not easy. We have all kinds of peer pressure around us. So here goes… Enjoy ☺

My Brother’s Keeper….

Hello Lil Brother…

I know this is not what you expected,

All grown up, starting to make decisions you are not sure of.

Walking in valleys you are not sure you will come out of.

Waiting on promises that cannot be kept.

Worried whether you will make it tomorrow or it will just be another yesterday all over again.

Not sure whether anyone will come through for you.

Afraid this could just be the beginning of failure.

And learning that life gets difficult as you grow up.

But I promise you this… I will be right besides you, ready to fight every battle with you. I will help where I can, I will make sacrifices, I will  go the extra 2000miles for you. I am here to guide you every step of the way and I am here to pick you up when you fall. I am here to make you study when you feel like you can’t, to encourage you when you can’t go on and want to give up and help make the big city a better place to live in.

I love you, and you are my family… Trust I will be here every step of the way, because sincerely, I am here… Every. Step. Of. The. Way… Always, everyday, every hour, every minute, every second and every millisecond. I love you.

Your big sister ❤